Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Next! Walnut Street Theatre Touring Company, January 2010-March 2010

When I auditoned for Walnut's touring company it was only my fifth audition I've been on in 2009 and yet I landed my fourth acting job. I'm very paticular about what I audition for. I came so close to not auditioning at all because I knew I had an excellent chance of landing the gig and it is a big time commitment. The Walnut Touring Company is the Walnut's Outreach program show that tours tri-state area schools. I am cast in two childrens shows that will tour in rep. A Forrest Fable and I Never Saw Another Butterfly. This is my third contract with the Walnut Street Theatre in the last two years. I did two mainstage shows: Man of La Mancha in 2007 and Born Yesterday in 2009. It feels good to be back! My castmates are Jordi Wallen, Aime Kelly and Shane Donavan. I look forward to working with these guys. This should be a blast!!

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